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Link 16-Gateway



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Gateway between IP-based Link 16-Networks using MIDS-LVT 1/2 radios




MIDS-LVT Platforms A, B, D, G, J, Q, R



Supports WAN-Networks using SIMPLE (STANAG 5602) and JREAP (MIL-STD-3011C) Standard



Full analysis of Link 16-Data



Real time Recording and Playback functions



Provides situational display (2D, optional 3D) with full air, land, sea subsurface and space picture



Provides command and control function, Track Management and Weapons Control can be issued to connected Link 16-Systems






Control of Non-C2 Units




Message and Object based Link 16-Simulation function




DIS IEEE 1278 Simulation interface




Remote Control function with network based Control API for event triggering



Runs on PCs using Windows XP, Vista, 7

USERS: German Air Force, Polish Air Force, Cassidian Air Systems

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