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Establishing TDL-networks via packet based Wide Area connections:


The software operates as a Multi-connection application router and interconnects multiple SIMPLE/JRE-nodes in a way that the nodes can exchange tactical data in a point-to-multipoint-environment. Additionally it processes and generates SIMPLE/JRE management messages.


The Multilink-Controller provides up to 30 connection channels, either incoming or outgoing, TCP or UDP.


A cascaded architecture using multiple Multilink-Controllers subordinated to each other is possible. This setup provides a more efficient usage of connection lines, because all data from the local nodes will be integrated in one data stream.


The Multilink-Controller accepts all user packets of STANAG 5602, especially Link 16, Link 11, Link 22. The packet type implementation of the Multilink-Controller is based on Edition 3 of STANAG 5602 and MIL-STD-3011C.


Runs on PCs using Windows XP, Vista, 7

Users: German Air Force, NATO

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