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Last years

01.09.2010 - PACTOS at JPOW 2010

 The PACTOS Operational PATRIOT simulation took successfully part in the Air- and Missile Defence Exercise JPOW 2010.  

01.02.2010 - Tornado AIDASS

The software Link 16-Gateway which is used for the Link 16-Integration in the weapon-system Tornado is currently extended with an interface to the test- and stimulation system AIDASS.  

01.10.2009 - NATO-ITB Build 4

The NATO-Integration Testbed is currently equipped with amplifications for the operational data communication.  

01.05.2009 - Introduction of MIDS fighter data link into Tornado aircraft

Embedded in the ASSTA 3-program (ASSTA 3 - Avionics System to Software Tornado in Ada) the German air force is currently equipping itīs Tornado fighter aircraft with the tactical data link “Link 16”.  

31.01.2009 - Final acceptance of NATO Integration Testbed Build 3

At the beginning of the year 2009 the third development stage of the NATO ALTBMD (Active Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence) integration Testbed was concluded successfully with a site acceptance test.  

01.09.2008 - JOINT/PACTOS PATRIOT Simulation during JPOW 2008

The simulation system PACTOS/JPOINT took successfully part in the exercise "Joint Project Optic Windmill X" (JPOW X).  


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