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The interface system Datalink-Gateway has been developed as a functional demonstrator from the reliable und successful product family Link 16-Gateway.

Additionally to the existing various MIDS hardware interfaces the “New NAVY Platforms” Q  und R have been integrated. Furthermore a new JTIDS Class 2-Schnittstelle supports the host-, emulation- and monitoring-functionality of MILBUS-based JTIDS- variants and the MOS (MIDS on Ship).

In addition to Link 16 now VMF, LINK 11 and Link 22 are supported by the system with analysis and data simulation capability. All processing routines are parameterized by configurable XML-files. This allows an easier adaptation to future editions of datalink standards because adaptations are primary neccesary in configuration files instead of the source code.

As a premiere a datalink forwarding capability between Link 16 and Link 22 has been demonstrated. The rules for message forwarding are also laid down in XML-files and determine the reaction of the forwarding processor. Surveillance-, track-management- and command data are transparently translated between the standards by the system and allow therefore the connection of several different data link networks with the possibility to operate on a common operations picture.

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