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PACTOS improvements

The system simulation PACTOS has been extended with the part “Initialization of the system” in a contract from the Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB, in future BAAIN). Therefore the function groups BATI and TACI have been integrated in ICC- and ECS simulation. This allows detailled training and instruction of operation sequences and system initialization with all accompanying modules.



Within virtualization of software components it is now possible to run several ECS in an automated unmanned mode on a common platform. The amount of required operators and hardware is reduced and more flexibility in instruction and exercices is achieved.

PACTOS is simulating the user interfaces of the PATRIOT air defence system and supports both ICC and ECS command post types. Single components can be linked up to an air defence network consisting of one ICC und up to six fire units ECS with two consoles each.


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